Kitchen Renovations – Top Mistakes to Avoid For a Perfect Result

Are you a homeowner thinking about kitchen renovations in Sydney? Perhaps you are tired of your outdated kitchen and want a complete makeover or just want to give it a fresh look with little changes. Regardless of the reason behind your remodeling project, everyone wants to make sure they get the kitchen of their dreams. Right? A great kitchen can be the heart of your home while a poorly designed one can lead to a design disaster. What are the most common kitchen renovations mistakes? How can you avoid them to get a place of your dreams? If you are looking for answers to these questions, here is the list of the biggest kitchen dont’s…

Ignoring the Storage Needs: This is the most common but biggest mistake homeowners often do while renovating their kitchens. In the name of modern kitchens that say minimum is maximum, many homeowners ignore their current as well as future storage needs. Remember, minimum means being organized and the kitchen is the only place which requires enough storage space. Install proper racks, shelves, utensil drawers, cereal bowls, corner tables and other smart storage solutions.

Disrespecting the Work Triangle: People often neglect the workflow in their kitchens which is one of the biggest designing blunders. Work Triangle defines the busiest areas of any kitchen – preparation, cooking, and cleaning. Your stove, refrigerator, and sink should be placed in a location that is close to each other and a triangle design makes work more efficient. Think about how these functions affect the flow of your kitchen and get everything installed accordingly.

Opting for the Wrong Surfaces: Work surface is one of the most important parts of any kitchen and you need a good amount as well as good quality of counter space to make it functional. Your choice of countertop material should reflect your cooking style and lifestyle because each kind of stone has unique characteristics. The right choice is all about picking up the right material for your particular requirements.

Ignoring the Corners: Overlooking the corners of your kitchen is the biggest mistake while renovating kitchens in Sydney. Ignoring the corners may lead to decreased functionality of your cooking place as a lot of space will go underutilized and become a graveyard that only gets disturbed every few months or even years. With professional guidance, you can convert your kitchen corners into smart storage solutions. Install pull outs or rotating shelves that will allow easy and quick access to your stuff.

Not Hiring the Professionals: Today, a lot of people want to do their project themselves which is totally fine but it requires some sort of knowledge, expertise, and creativity. Doing a part of kitchen renovations in Sydney is fine but a little mistake could ruin your entire project leading to loss of money as well as time. Therefore, it is worth to hire a professional kitchen designer to help you out in the kitchen makeover. As your kitchen renovations in Sydney will be expensive and will be one that lasts you a long time, it is always good to work with a professional to get the job done. If you want your dream kitchen, do not just think about today but think about your future needs so that you can enjoy the space for years to come.